Bucket List

Bucket List

(constantly under construction)


1. Get a photograph published
2. Get an article published (and get paid for it)
47. Write a novel
47a. Have said novel published.
18. Learn how to play the guitar
21. Attain my LEED AP credential LEED Green Associate 11/09
19. Start a successful blog (100+ subscribers)
29. Launch a successful E-Book Reconsidered & Stricken
45. Brew my own, good, beer


3. See another sunrise from Acadia National Park
6. Go back to Edinburgh for the Fringe Fest
7. Attend another tattoo at Edinburgh Castle
8. Visit Hawaii
14. Take my son to the Boundary Waters
15. Go to Chincoteague for a “pony-penning”
27. Experience Burning Man
28. Go to Greenbuild
48. Attend the CMAs – or ACMs
49. Attend Oktoberfest.
49a. Drink beer at said Oktoberfest
50. Visit Napa Valley
30. Attend a New England Patriots game
31. See the Red Sox play in all 14 American League ballparks
32. Eat at Paula Dean’s restaurant
33. Visit San Francisco
41. Have coffee in a Parisian Cafe
34. Visit Las Vegas
35. Visit Yellowstone
36. Visit Yosemite
37. Spend +/- 3 months traveling the U.S. in an RV
40. Visit the Grand Canyon
42. Attend Bonnaroo
43. Visit Kew Gardens
23. Attend a Red Sox World Series Victory
25. Go on a cruise


4. Run a 5k
5. Bike a Century
22. Fit in a pair of size 32 pants again
17. Achieve an “A” Division ranking in racquetball


9. Start a business
9a. Work for myself
9b. No longer be a slave to the alarm clock
51. Get LASIK
10. Have 500 followers on Twitter Have 1000 followers. New Goal: 1500
20. Run for public office
20a. Get elected
39. Be debt free
11. Own my own home
11a. Own a cabin. In the woods. On a lake.
12. Live car-free for a month (maybe more)
16. Live with ~100 Things


44. Have another kid I’m good with two.
13. Sleep past 8am every day for two weeks straight
26. Drive a Corvette
24. Shake the hand of a sitting or former President
38. See my kids get married
46. Go skinny-dipping (again)


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