Disney Hates Fat People

So where were we? Ah yes, I’m terrible at this. So, how about some rather fascinating links?

1. Yes, Disney Hates Fat People (or so the  National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance would have you believe). Two things about this. One: Why the heck would Disney have a “Healthy Habits” ride/display/etc? I thought Disney was, you know, “fun.” Two; NAAFA? Really?

2. According to the Pew Research Center, we live hyperconnected lives. This may be a good thing. then again, it might not. But hey, squirrel!

3. Gorditas de Chile Colorado? Um, yes please! Seriously. I think I have to make these this weekend.

4. Why We Stopped Dreaming is a fascinating find by Flying With Fish. You presidents that defunded NASA? Yeah, I hate you.

5. I’m old enough to remember the Encyclopedia Britannica being a thing. And having one on the bookshelf!

And yes, that is indeed all I have for you today. My utmost of apologies.

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One Response to Disney Hates Fat People

  1. Disney wouldn’t sell half as much adult character-printed clothing without fat women. Just sayin’.

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