Freddy Kreuger, Careers, and Gladiators. Oh my.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and managed to avoid doing any actual labor on Labor Day. Oh, the irony.

Me, I blew leaves off the driveway till I ran out of gas. And then ate steak.

  1. If you read NOTHING else today, read this from Cal Thomas wherein he pokes all kinds of holes in Obama’s academic theorist appointments and Krueger’s in particular.
  2. While I think the advice in this article is a bit out of touch in today’s tough economy, there is something to be said about loving your job.
  3. Follow that up with Zen Habits’ post on changing careers, and I think the universe is trying to tell me something.
  4. Looking to earn some extra cash? There’s this thing called social media that may offer a few opportunities.
  5. Some archeaologists found a gladiator school. That’s pretty awesome.
  6. The Christian Science Monitor is calling for another stimulus? Apparently they’ve been reading a little to much Krugman.
  7. I wish I took awesome photos like this one.
  8. Bearing Drift wonders if Cuccinelli would challenge Bolling for the Virginia GOP gubernatorial nod. I sure hope not.
  9. And one last pretty picture. Because I can. And because the East Coast doesn’t get lightning storms.
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