Things I Think I Think – 8/29

Apologies, but Irene has put a crimp in most things in my life over the past few days. So, without further ado…

1. Power is pretty high on my list of must-haves. My freezer is a lost cause and I believe the same can be said for my aquarium. Rumor has it I need to investigate battery powered aerators.

2. Irene was not “over-hyped.” She did an awful lot of damage, including four deaths in Virginia. Was she as bad as expected? No. But it always pays to be prepared.

3. I’m not a particularly huge fan of living in Southeast Virginia. It’s the world’s biggest durn cul-de-sac and blocked tunnels are the bane of my existence.

4. I’m extremely grateful for family who have power and live close enough to put me up until I get power back.

5. I would occasionally like to live further away from said family. Love ya Mom!

6. This news about Google + should provide anyone pause. Tinfoil hat NOT required.

7. I absolutely love this picture.

8. Some thoughts on Steve Jobs.

9. Go buy a Gibson Guitar.

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