Things I Think I Think – 8/25

In the interest of not ripping Peter King off more than necessary, I offer you a Non-Numerically-Restricted Things I Think I Think.

So, without further ado.

  1. The resignation of Steve Jobs is nothing to fear. Here’s why.
  2. When the Navy sends the ships out to sea, you might want to pay attention to the hurricane.
  3. This picture really does say it all.
  4. And this picture made me smile.
  5. Glen Asbury makes some very good pro-Perry points over here.
  6. I’m pretty sure Dick Cheney’s memoir is the must-read of the year.
  7. Only a Yankee would honeymoon in Afghanistan. (kudos as it’s a USO tour)

And that’s all I think I think. For today anyway. If ya live on the East Coast, hunker down y’all!

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One Response to Things I Think I Think – 8/25

  1. Thanks for the link. And yes, it does seem to be a case of a picture speaking a thousand words.

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