10 Things I Think I Think – 8/24

With apologies to Peter King…

  1. Pneumonia really sucks. The only thing worse, in my experience, is shigella.
  2. Hurricanes give me the willies. The will it or won’t it is enough to make me want to move.
  3. The construction industry is dead. Really dead.
  4. They do NOT make vacuums like they used to. My parents’ is going on 30+ years. Me? I replace them every 5.
  5. Sarah Palin’s need to dominate the news cycle is terrible for the Republican Party.
  6. If I were Gaddafi (Qaddafi, etc), I would not have stopped at Colonel. Heck, as a dictator, the sky is the limit. Generalissimo has a nice ring, don’t ya think?
  7. The French want to pay higher taxes? Let them. And remember, Warren Buffett can help the U.S too. Oh, and he’s a hypocrite.
  8. The wildfire in the Great Dismal Swamp? You can see it from space now. So, um, take that.
  9. The irony, it is strong in this one.
  10. Aid for Libya? I’m sad to see the U.S. is at the table.

Bonus: I am loving this song right now. 

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