Fight Like a Girl…

1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 4

1 is for lymphoma in remission.

1 is for a battle with lymphoma lost.

1 is for ovarian cancer being treated.

1 is for a battle with ovarian cancer lost.

4 are the family and friends I have lost or are still here with me.

I have always secretly mocked those wearing bright yellow Livestrong bracelets. I’m glad that each bracelet has contributed a little bit to the fight against cancer, but it has always struck me as a bit too much like a “look at me, I’m an elitist” kind of thing, a club that I wouldn’t ever want to belong to.

So imagine my surprise upon finding that I now wear a white one with teal lettering that says “Fight Like a Girl.”

Fight Like a Girl is the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance’s catchphrase, if you will. So why this one? Why now? On April 19 of this year I learned that an old and dear friend had passed away from ovarian cancer and another was going in for surgery to try and beat the same. I wear it not because it changes anything or because I’m now part of a club. I wear it in memory of Helen and all the Scrabble games we shared. I wear it for my Aunt who still has a fighting chance and all the nights I spent on her couch on the way to and from college. The bracelet is not for them, it’s for me. It’s a reminder that there are more important things in life than our national, racial, political, or religious differences

So why post this now instead of then? June 22nd does not mean anything special when it comes to cancer. Heck, the only thing special about June 22nd is the signing of the G.I. Bill in 1944 and Kris Kristofferson’s birthday. Oh, and Congress recognized the Pledge of Allegiance on this day way back in 1942. Funny, considering what NBC did on Sunday.

I guess these past couple of weeks have reminded me how precious and short life really is. Grandpa’s funeral was a week ago, a friend’s 17 year old daughter is in the fight of her life after sustaining critical head trauma in a car accident, another teenage friend is making remarkable progress after a ski accident that left him in a coma, a toddler died after falling from a balcony at the beach, and a man also fell to his death at the beach.

So, who are you going to remember on this random Wednesday? Who are you going to pick up the phone and call, shoot an email to, or *horrors* actually mail a note to?

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